Marble Flooring and It’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Marble flooring is very high class and commonly used in places of worship (temples, churches, mosques etc.,) and in public buildings having rich specifications. Marbles are laid in floors just like other tile floors. The surface off the floor is rubbed and polished with the help of power driven polishing machine. Resulting surface of the floor is very pleasing and smooth. The size of marble slabs to be used in flooring depends upon the pattern to be adopted. The slabs for normal works are square or rectangular in shape and their thickness varies from 20mm to 40mm.

  • Marble stone flooring is available in a broad range of colors, patterns and designs. Due to the natural composition of marble each individual piece is unique and different from another.
  • Marble has a very smooth surface as it polished many times to give it a brilliant shine. Manufacturers polish the stone to make its natural appearance, noticeable and bright.
  • Marble is a transparent and delicate stone that allows light to penetrate its surface and give out a unique brilliance to the room it is installed in.
  • It is Eco friendly as it is formed from natural limestone or dolomite stone and is completely degradable at the end of its life time.
  • Marble flooring purchase and installation is a very costly affair as it involves a lot of hard work to bring out its shine and radiance.
  • Due to polishing marble tends to be a slippery flooring material so it is dangerous to install it in areas where there is water to avoid hazardous slips and falls.
  • The polished surface of Marble tends to get scratches due to moving or dragging out heavy furniture.
  • Liquid spills and food spills that are acidic in nature like lime juice, sauces, and wine need to be taken care of immediately to avoid stains on the surface of the Marble.
  • Maintaining a marble floor is a very tedious task as it needs to be sealed and polished properly by professionals to retain its look and beauty.
  • Replacing a marble floor is very difficult as it is a very heavy stone.


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