Installation of Epoxy Flooring

The first step in laying the epoxy flooring involves preparing the floor surface.

The floor surface must be prepared to accept the new coat of epoxy coating on its top.

Foreign materials such as dust particles are removed from the surface.

It is then followed by grinding, shot blasting, and scarifying to have a course surface for better bonding with the mother floor.

Patching and repairing all the major cracks identified on the floor is essential in providing durability to epoxy flooring.

The surface priming coat is applied to the floor. During priming, it must be made sure that the primer makes its way deep into the floor.

After applying the primer coat, fill all the visible cracks and holes present on the floor with epoxy.

Further, the floor must be lightly ground, sanded, and re-layered.

The sealant is tested using a significant amount of water applied to the floor. If the water is not soaked in, then the floor can be applied with an epoxy coating.

The epoxy hardener is mixed together with an epoxy resin and applied over the floor surface in multiple layers in the final stage.

After application, the epoxy floor is cured at the required temperature.

The curing process is initiated only when the epoxy begins a reaction with another curing agent.


Advantages of Epoxy Floor

Increases the brightness of interior areas as epoxy creates a shiny high-gloss surface.

Epoxy provides a durable, hard surface that can withstand heavy and continuous loads.

It is easy to install and does not require any special tools or equipment.

Epoxy floors have excellent chemical resistance; they can resist many chemicals, making them ideal for industries and warehouses.

It protects the existing concrete layer from wear and tear.

Easy to clean and more durable.

It increases safety when epoxy contains anti-slip additives.

It helps in hiding chips and cracks when combined with paints and colors.

It helps in identifying walkable areas when applied in a different pattern.

Enhances the aesthetic appearance of the space.

Little or no maintenance is required.

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  1. este tipo de piso epoxi me encanta su presentacion ,tiene mucha elegancia envellese mucho a casas,apartamentos o oficinas de verdad me gusta el trabajo que realizan sigan asi trabajando fuertemente.

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