Importance of Admixtures

The use of admixtures is increasing very rapidly, because concrete admixtures provide physical as well as economic benefits. Admixtures benefits the concrete in following possible ways.

  • Admixtures reduce the required quantity of cement and make concrete economical.
  • They enhance the workability of concrete.
  • Admixtures imparts early strength in concrete.
  • Admixtures reduce the early heat of hydration and overcome thermal cracking problem in concrete. If there is a more heat of hydration then cracks can propagate in fresh concrete.
  • Admixtures improve the resistance against freeze-thaw effect on concrete.
  • Concrete admixtures maximize the sustainability by bringing waste products in use.
  • Concrete admixtures can accelerate the setting time as well as there are admixtures that decelerate concrete setting time.
  • There are some admixtures that act as anti-bacterial agents.
  • There are concrete admixtures that decrease initial strength, but increase the hardened concrete strength more than the normal concrete strength.


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