How to Reduce Building Construction Cost

Areas from where cost can be reduced are:

  • Reduce plinth area by using thinner wall concept.
  • Use locally available material an innovative form like soil cement blocks in place of burnt brick.
  • Use energy efficiency materials which consumes less energy like concrete block in place of burnt brick.
  • Use environmentally friendly materials which are substitute for conventional building components like use R.C.C. Door and window frames in place of wooden frames.
  • Preplan every component of a house and rationalize the design procedure for reducing the size of the component in the building.
  • By planning each and every component of a house the wastage of materials due to demolition of the unplanned component of the house can be avoided.
  • Each component of the house shall be checked whether if it’s necessary, if it is not necessary, then that component should not be used.
  • Build smarter with space. Smaller house, multi-use spaces.


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