Geopolymer Concrete

Geopolymer concrete is an innovative, eco-friendly construction material. It is used as replacement of cement concrete. In geopolymer concrete cement is not used as a binding material. Fly ash, silica-fume, or GGBS, along with alkali solution are used as binders.

Why Geopolymer Used in Concrete?

  • Reduces the demand of OPC which leads CO2 emission.
  • Utilise waste materials from industries such as fly ash, silica-fume, GGBS.
  • Protect water bodies from contamination due to fly ash disposal.
  • Conserve acres of land that would have been used for coal combustion products disposal.
  • Produce a more durable infrastructure.


  1. High compressive strength.
  2. High tensile strength.
  3. Low creep.
  4. Low drying shrinkage.
  5. Resistant to heat and cold.
  6. Chemically resistant.
  7. Highly durable.
  8. Fire proof.


  1. Difficult to create.
  2. Requires special handling.
  3. Chemicals like sodium hydroxide are harmful to humans.
  4. High cost of alkaline solution.
  5. Pre-mix only.
  6. Sold only as pre-mix or pre-caste material.
  7. Geopolymerisation process is sensitive.
  8. Lacks uniformity.


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