Functional Requirements of a Masonry Wall

The usual functional requirements of a masonry wall include

  1. Adequate Strength to support imposed loads.
  2. Sufficient water tightness.
  3. Sufficient visual privacy and sound transmission.
  4. Appropriate fire resistance.
  5. Ability to accommodate heating, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing equipment.
  6. Ability to receive various finish materials cost.
  7. Ability to provide openings such as doors and window.


One Comment on “Functional Requirements of a Masonry Wall”

  1. Hmm.. the moment you reiterated that in general a masonry wall has to be fireproof to provide extra safety, I became a little bit more curious. Anyway, my boss should be informed about this aspect before he makes any further decision soon. If you must know, he’s going to build a small guest cabin made out of brick right at his backyard this fall.

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