Form work, Centering, Shuttering, Staging and Scaffolding

Form work:

All arrangement done to support the green concrete till it attains the strength is known as form work or temporary work.

Form work determines the geometry, shape, size and finish of the form work.


Part of the form work which supports the horizontal surface is called centering for example slab bottom, beam bottom etc.


Part of the form work which supports the Vertical surface is called Shuttering for example column sides, beam sides, slab side, wall side etc.


That portion which support centering & shuttering is called Staging. Pipes/Props/Jacks


That arrangement which is meant to be a supporting platform for people (labor, supervisor, mason, fitter, painter, carpenter etc…) is known as scaffolding.

Scaffolding is nothing but a fixed/movable platform which can be used for working at heights. They are usually used for activities such as plastering, painting, brick work at heights etc.


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