Factors that Affect the Cost of Concrete

1. Material Costs

Costs of materials and supplies and the associated shipping charges influence the cost of any concrete construction project.

2. Labor Rates

The local labor rates or wages specified by the state affect the expenditure of a project.

3. Site Conditions

The location and the prior site condition affect the cost of the project and concrete. Poor soil quality, wetlands, contamination, utility, environmental and traffic issues are few examples in this category.

4. Schedule

If the project schedule is too short for the type of work involved, then project costs tend to be on the higher side. This is especially true for projects with a significant liquidated damage clause in their contracts.

5. Contingency

A 10% contingency fund of the total expenditure is generally set aside by cement contractors to cover unforeseen costs. However, inflation and scarcity of materials and supplies might require a higher contingency of the range of 15-20%.

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