Do’s for Detailing

Do’s for Columns

A reinforced column should have min 4 bars for rectangular or square column and minimum 6 bars for circular columns.

Keep outer dimensions of the column constant, as far as possible, for re-use of forms.

Preferably avoid use of two grades of vertical bars in the same element.

Do’s for Beams and Slabs

Where splices are provided in the reinforcing bars, they should be staggered, and away from the sections of maximum stress.

Where the depth of the beam exceeds 750 mm in case of beams without torsion and 450 mm with torsion side face reinforcement shall be provided.

All spacing shall be c/c spacing of the bars.

Deflection in beams/slabs may be reduced by providing compression reinforcement.

At beam column intersection, ensure that the main beam bars avoid the main column bars.

At beam column intersections, main reinforcement may be so arranged that layers in mutually perpendicular beams are at different levels.

To accommodate bottom bars, it is good practice to make secondary beams shallower than the main beams at least by 50mm.


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