Do’s and Do Not’s for Detailing

Do’s for Detailing

Prepare drawing properly and accurately

Prepare bar bending schedule, if necessary

Indicate proper cover to the reinforcement

Decide location of the openings/hole and supply adequate details for the reinforcement around openings.

Commonly available size of bars and spirals shall be used for reinforcement.

For a single structural member the number of different sizes of reinforcement bar should be minimum.

The grade of reinforcement bars should be clearly mention in the structural drawings

When reinforcement is left exposed for future construction, it should be adequately protected from corrosion and weathering.

Congestion of the reinforcement should be avoided at points where members intersect and make certain that all the reinforcement shown can be properly placed.

Show enlarged details at the corners, beam and column joint and at similar special situations.

Do Not’s for Detailing

Flexure reinforcement shall not be terminated in a tension zone.

Lap splices should not be used for bars larger than 36mm dia.

Different types of reinforcing bars such as deformed bars and plain bars and various grades should not be used side by side as this practice would lead to confusion at site.


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