Difference Between Civil Site Engineer and Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor:
  1. Oversee operations
  2. Study the drawings and execute the work
  3. Ensure that work is done safely
  4. Responsibility of supervising the whole site
  5. Preparing the site, carefully planning the work to be done
  6. Monitor progress, oversee the delivery of materials
  7. Monitor progress, oversee the delivery of materials
  8. Supervising the labours
  9. Monitoring the work
  10. Keep in close contact with members of their site team
Site Engineer:

Role of construction site engineer depends on the type of work involved and experience of site engineer in a construction project.

  1. Setting out the works
  2. Liaising with the project planning engineer
  3. Calculating quantity of material
  4. Checking materials and work in progress
  5. Observance of safety requirements
  6. Resolving technical issues
  7. Quality control
  8. Liaising with company or project purchasing department
  9. Measurement and valuation
  10. Providing data in respect of variation orders
  11. Preparing record drawings, technical reports, site diary
  12. Tracking up the material wastage
  13. Supervising and counselling junior
  14. Job review of subordinate staff


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