Details for Composite Construction

Steel-concrete composite construction means steel section encased in concrete for columns & the concrete slab or profiled deck slab is connected to the steel beam with the help of mechanical shear connectors so that they act as a single unit. In this present paper, steel-concrete composite with R.C.C. options are considered for comparative study of G+15 storey office building which is situated in earthquake zone IV & wind speed 39m/s. Equivalent Static Method of Analysis is used. For modeling of Composite & R.C.C. structures, staad-pro software is used and the results are compared; and it is found that composite structure are more economical.

Composite Construction

Design of a building, the choice was normally between a concrete structure and a masonry structure. But the failure of many multi-storied and low-rise R.C.C. and masonry buildings due to earthquake has forced the structural engineers to look for the alternative method of construction. Use of composite or hybrid material is of particular interest, due to its significant potential in improving the overall performance through rather modest changes in manufacturing and constructional technologies. In India, many consulting engineers are reluctant to accept the use of composite steel-concrete structure because of its unfamiliarity and complexity in its analysis and design. But literature says that if properly configured, then composite steel-concrete system can provide extremely economical structural systems with high durability, rapid erection and superior seismic performance characteristics. A need to study the composite design of the multi-story buildings keeping in view of the rapid development in this field. In India, it is comparatively new and no updated design codes are available for the same.

In composite construction the two different materials are tied together by the use of shear studs at their interface having lesser depth which saves the material cost considerably. Thermal expansion (coefficient of thermal expansion) of both, concrete and steel being nearly the same. Therefore, there is no induction of different thermal stresses in the section under variation of temperature.

Composite beam, slab & shear connectors

A steel concrete composite beam consists of a steel beam, over which a reinforced concrete slab is cast with shear connectors. The composite action reduces the beam depth. Rolled steel sections themselves are found adequate frequently for buildings and built up girders are generally unnecessary. The composite beam can also be constructed with profiled sheeting with concrete topping or with cast in place or precast reinforced concrete slab.

Composite Column

A steel – concrete composite column is conventionally a compression member in which the steel element is a structural steel section. There are three types of composite columns used in practice which are Concrete Encased, Concrete filled, Battered Section.


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