Damp Proof Course

A damp Proof course prevents the transfer of moisture from the ground into the building. The damp proof course involves the use of a plastic (non-permeable) membrane.

Sources of Dampness
  1. Geological Causes
    1. Rain penetration.
    2. Ground moisture rise.
    3. Atmosphere moisture.
    4. Drainage of site.
    5. Orientation of Building.
  2. Structural Causes
    1. Water introduced in structure during construction.
    2. Defective construction.
Effects of Dampness
  • Corrosion of metals used in construction.
  • Plasters get crumbled and softened.
  • Floor, coverings loose adhesion with the floor.
  • Paints get blistered and bleached.
  • All electrical installations gets deteriorated.
  • Timber, when come in content with damp gets rotten.
  • Causes unhygienic conditions for the occupants of building
Methods of Damp Proofing
  1. Membrane Damp Proofing.
  2. Integral Damp Proofing.
  3. Surface Treatment.
  4. Guniting.
  5. Cavity Wall Construction.


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