Curing Process for Pillars

  • Pillars are the most neglected ones for curing. Because it will not absorb more water at the time of water pouring.
  • Though we are pouring water three times per day. It will not consume water and without curing pillars will not get much strength.
  • So avoid this kind of situation people will roll pillar with gunny bags and tie them with ropes. Once water is applied Gunny bags will consume more water and pillar will be wet. Once if you do like this also I suggest you to pour water more than three times per day.
  • As we discussed above pillar is covered with gunny bag and there is polythene cover on top of the pillar.
  • After pouring water to the pillar if we fill water in polythene cover and make a small hole for the cover. So water will come drop by drop from cover and gunny bag will be always wet.
  • In place of polythene covers you can use plastic bottles also. In case if you are using bottle you may need to keep two holes one is at the bottom (This is for water to come out) and another one is at the top (This is for air flow).


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