Concrete Curing Checks

  • Ensure curing of the concrete is carried out in accordance with the Operation Plan and does not affect concrete finish.
  • If curing compound spray is to be used:
    • On a horizontal surface, apply as soon as possible after the initial bleed water has evaporated.
    • On vertical surfaces, apply as soon as possible after the formwork has been struck.
    • Do not use on dry surfaces, wet with clean water and spray while moist.
    • Do not apply on top of water.
  • If polythene, damp hessian or frost blankets are to be used, ensure that a chilling wind tunnel is not created. Any hessian must be kept damp at all times.
  • Take care not to touch the formwork or splash nearby works such as parapet rail or bolt threads.
  • If the formwork is to be retained during curing:
    • Check formwork temperatures during cold or windy weather, it may be necessary to lag to retain heat.
    • Do not strip until the required strength has been achieved and a Permit to Unload has been issued.
    • Beware of cube strengths resulting from unrepresentative curing and remember that seven-day strengths are only indicative of final values.
  • Before stripping formwork, agree a suitable laydown area or transport to the correct location. Do not place in a heap.
  • Carry out all post concrete checks and cover surveys at the earliest opportunity, especially when similar pours are to follow.


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