Commonly used Types of Scaffolding at Site

Types of Scaffolding Commonly used at Sites

  1. Steel or tubular Scaffolding.
  2. Masons Scaffolding
  3. Bricklayers Scaffolding
  4. Needle Scaffolding.

Steel / Tubular Scaffolding

The steel or timber scaffolding is essentially similar. The wooden member is replaced by 38-64mm diameter steel tubes. Special types of steel couplets or fittings are used for connecting different members.

In this type of scaffolding, the vertical tubes called upright are spaced 2.5 to 3m apart. Each standard is welded to a base plate. The steel scaffolding plate has a hole in their base so that it can be spiked to a timber or concrete base. In this way, the rigid foundation is formed for the scaffolding.

Ledgers are spaced at 1.8m vertically apart and the short tubes are normally 1.2 to 1.8m in length.

Tubular Scaffolding

Tubular scaffolding mounted on wheels and can be used for carrying out the work of painting the walls, underside roof etc.

The tubular scaffolding has several advantages over the timber scaffolding such as rapid erection and dismantling, greater strength and durability.

Mason’s Scaffolding:

Usually, mason’s scaffolding is used in stone masonry work. In mason’s scaffolding two frames of standards, at a distance of 1.5 m from the first one. The mason’s scaffolding is entirely independent of the stone wall.

The mason’s scaffolding is used to carry heavy loads because loads of the stone block is very heavy. Hence the mason’s scaffolding is made stronger by placing the standards at a fairly close distance apart.

Bricklayer Scaffolding:

This type of scaffolding consists of standard firmly. The Standards are connected to each other by ledgers at every rise of 120 to 150 cm. The bricklayer scaffoldings are provided on the building side and are secured in position with the help of rope-lashing.

In high Scaffolding, the cross braces are used to stiffen the temporary structure. The Braces which is used in temporary structure consist of poles tied by rope-lashing on the standard.

Needle Scaffolding:

The needle scaffolding is to provide for a building on the side of a busy street where construction of ordinary scaffolding will obstruct at that place needle scaffolding is used.


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