Classification of Steel Structures

Classification of Steel Structures are

Tension Members

Compression Members

Truss Systems and Frame Systems

Built-up Members and Structures

Shell Structures

Suspension Structures

Tension Members

  • Chord Members in trusses
  • In diagonal bracing in bracing systems
  • Cable elements in suspension roofs, main cables of suspension bridges and suspenders.

Compression Members

  • Columns in buildings
  • Chord Members in trusses and diagonal members in end panels of trusses
  • Stability is an important consideration in design and behavior of compression members
  • Area is generally spread out to maximize Radius of Gyration

Beam Members

  • Primarily loaded transverse to the longitudinal axis and resist loading by flexure
  • X-sectional area is located as far from the neutral axis as is practical
  • Commonly W shapes are used in most cases
  • For deeper beams I-shaped sections made by welding plates are commonly used
  • For smaller loads and spans open-web joists are commonly used
  • Instability due to lateral Torsional Buckling is an important consideration

Open-Web Steel Joist

  • Economical & popular for Roof & floor framing.
  • Bar joist are supported by bearing walls or steel girders.
  • Floor of thin concrete reinforced in both directions with rebars or welded wire fabric.


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