Classification of Bricks

The bricks used in construction are classified as:

  1. First class bricks
  2. Second class bricks
  3. Third class bricks and
  4. Fourth class bricks

First Class Bricks:

These bricks are of standard shape and size. They are burnt in kilns.

They fulfill all desirable properties of bricks.

Second Class Bricks:

These bricks are ground molded and burnt in kilns. The edges may not be sharp and uniform. The surface may be somewhat rough. Such bricks are commonly used for the construction of walls which are going to be plastered.

Third Class Bricks:

These bricks are ground moulded and burnt in clamps. Their edges are somewhat distorted. They produce dull sound when struck together. They are used for temporary and unimportant structures.

Fourth Class Bricks:

These are the over burnt bricks. They are dark in color. The shape is irregular. They are used as aggregates for concrete in foundations, floors and roads.


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