Civil Site Engineers Daily Activities

The daily activities of civil site engineers at the construction site are

  • Site engineer alerts the workmen regarding the importance of safety in construction and insists on avoiding unsafe acts.
  • Engage manpower (Supervisors, labours, helpers etc.,) at different locations such that the productivity of work increases.
  • Allocate the works for every one (Mason, carpenter, helpers etc.,)
  • Safety permits are issued to the concerned workmen for any hot work, work at height etc., after inspecting the checklist along with safety officer at site.
  • Any lapses on the part of Safety needs to be addressed on an immediate basis.
  • Calculate the quantities (concrete, shutter and other materials) required to cast the structural members as per the site plan and execute the same by the end of the day.
  • Make a note of material availability and inform the same to the store in-charge (in advance) if there is any material shortage.
  • Prepare Bar Bending Schedule (BBS) for the required structural members.
  • Study and understand the drawings and make necessary changes in the soft copy (AutoCAD) as suggested by the manager and get the approval changes by the client.
  • Prepare monthly consumption (material, fuel, manpower etc.,) report and daily progress reports which will be helpful in finding the monthly turnover.
  • At the end of the day, the activities carried out in the shift needs to be reported in the daily progress report.
  • Many other roles are having site engineer but these are the main roles of a fresh site engineer.


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