Checking Slab Formwork & Reinforcement

Slab Formwork

  • Check whether the formwork is fixed properly or not for example sleeves and supports.
  • Damaged materials employed for formwork or shutter should not be utilized.
  • All formwork surfaces in contact with concrete need to be treated with shuttering oil and dampen with water sometime prior to concrete placement.
  • Check the level of the projected top surface of the slab and place level strips if necessary to mark the exact level.

Slab Reinforcement

  • Check and approve that reinforcements are fixed as per the approved drawings.
  • Examine reinforcement spacing (including vertical and horizontal spacing) and cover.
  • Ensure that adequate support for reinforcements are provided to prevent any movement during concreting process.
  • Loose ties along the splices of reinforcement bars must be tightened again.
  • Free end of binding wires shall be bended inward.

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