Basics of Theodolite Surveying

The system of surveying in which the angles are measured with the help of a theodolite, is called Theodolite surveying.

Classification of Theodolites:


i) Transit Theodolite.

ii) Non Transit Theodolite.


i) Vernier Theodolites.

ii) Micrometer Theodolites.

iii) Modern Theodolite.

Transit Theodolite:

A theodolite is called a transit theodolite when its telescope can be transited i.e revolved through a complete revolution about its horizontal axis in the vertical plane.

Non-Transit Theodolite:

In this type the telescope is cannot be transited. They are inferior in utility and have now become obsolete.

Vernier Theodolite:

For reading the graduated circle if verniers are used, the theodolite is called as a Vernier Theodolite.

Micrometer Theodolite:

If a micrometer is provided to read the graduated circle the same is called as a Micrometer Theodolite. Vernier type theodolites are commonly used.

Modern Theodolite:

It is compact, light in weight, simple in design and can be used easily, virtually dust and moisture proof.


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