Applications of Surveying in Civil Engineering

The applications of surveying explained in following points

  • To prepare the topographical map which shows hills, rivers, forests, valleys, etc.
  • To prepare the engineering map showing engineering details like highways, railways, canals, dams, reservoirs, etc.
  • To prepare the contour map to determine the best possible route and amount of earthwork required.
  • To prepare the geographical and political map.
  • To prepare archeological map showing the places where ancient relics may have lied.
  • To prepare cadastral map showing boundaries of properties like houses, buildings, fields, colonies, etc.
  • To prepare a military map showing different strategic points important for the defense of a country.


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  1. Hello! My sister-in-law and her neighbors have proposed the construction of a bridge over a river which would connect their area with the main business district. Judging by the situation, I believe you did the right thing by saying that conducting surveys are important to make sure we won’t interrupt any natural feature at all. I’ll advise them to abide by this particular detail before moving forward with the plan.

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