Advantages Of Framed Structures

Framed structure construction is advantageous in many ways when compared with the conventional construction method. The strength and stability of the structures can be increased and multistoried structures can also be constructed. A framed structure is better resistant to vibration. It can be constructed more rapidly than ordinary walled structures. The major advantages are

Thin panels:

It can be easily seen that in case of a framed structure, a beam has to support a wall between the adjacent columns and the beam immediately above it, irrespective of the height of the building. The maximum height of wall that abeam has to support would be that of storey height. This results in thin panels which incidenbtally increases the floor area. The external walls should only be sufficiently thick to withstand weather conditions and to have required heat and sound insulation. The internal walls should be only sufficiently thick to have heat and sound insulation.

Speed in construction:

It is possible to achieve speed in construction in case of a framed structure. The construction of framework of the upper floors and finishing of the lower floors can be carried out simultaneously. Thus, it is possible to execute several building trades in a building at the same time.

Freedom in planning:

A framed structure permits greater freedom in planning. Large open spaces can be easily provided within the building and provisions of panel walls can be suitably changed to meet requirements at any time.

Use of proper materials:

A framed structure divides the members of building into two groups: load bearing and non-load bearing. Materials of inferior quality can be used for the latter members where strength is not the main consideration.

Better resistant to vibrations:

It is found that framed structures can resist vibrations effectively. Hence, framed structures are useful for factory buildings and also for places subjected to earthquakes.

Unreliable soils:

For made up and unreliable soils and for pile foundations, framed structures are found to be more suitable and less expensive than ordinary walled structures.

Economy in construction:

The advantages of the framed structures, mentioned above, lead to overall economy in the construction of a structure. Hence, the present-day tendency is to adopt framed structures as far as possible.

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  1. It’s great that you pointed out how a framed structure allows greater freedom in planning. My wife and I are planning to have our own house built and we are now thinking of how it is going to be constructed. I heard having frames for your house would be an immense help so we should probably hire a custom home framing contractor for it.

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