Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Steel Sections

The steel is a versatile material for structural and other uses. It has many advantages as given below.

The advantages of steel members are as follows:

  1. The steel members have high strength. Therefore, the steel members can resist high loads with comparatively light weight and small size of members. The steel members can be conveniently handled and transported because of their small size.
  2. The steel members are gas and water-tight, because of high density of steel (the unit weight of steel is 7.85kN/m3).
  3. The steel members have long service life. This is because of high and homogeneous strength and density properties of steel.
  4. The steel members can be used as pre-fabricated members, because of ease of handling, fabrication and erection.
  5. The steel members can be readily disassembled or replaced.
  6. The existing steel structure and structural components may be strengthened by connecting additional sections or plates.
  7. The steel structures may be inspected quickly and conveniently.
  8. This material may be reprocessed / recycled in furnaces.
  9. This material can be reused.
  10. This material possesses high ductility and therefore suitable for earthquake resistance structures.

The disadvantages of steel members are as follows:

  1. The steel members are susceptible to corrosion. The corrosion necessitates their painting or the use of other methods of their protection.
  2. The steel members are costly.


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